First things first

As you might have figured out by now after looking at my website, I’m a small wedding-kind-of-person.
I thrive at capturing the intimacy of an elopement or small wedding. Thirty people or less.
The thought of capturing weddings that are a big production, gives me anxiety.
I admire brides who can handle it and spend months and months of planning and DIY-ing. I really do.
But it’s not who I am and that’s OK too. It makes me feel incredibly out of place, like a donkey in a City Hall.
In order for me to give you my very best, I need the intimacy, I need the connection.
And the mud, and the rain and the wind and the so beautifully ‘messed up’ plans.
I need to know what makes you tick. I want to know who you are.
Because when I do, I can deliver my best and most authentic work to you.
I’m not somebody that just pitches up at your elopement or wedding, takes a few photos,
takes your money and then disappears out of your life forever.
I will invest my heart, soul, travel-knowledge and all my creativity in you.
That is my promise to you.


If you resonate with all you’ve read and have seen here, get in touch with me.
Send me your plans, your dreams! Stories about your dogs, cats, horses, everyone!
Share the places with me that are most special to you. That one tree. That one mountain top or that beach that holds a special place in your life. Or, let’s plan an adventure together to a destination you’ve never been but are dying to go to.
I’m excited to hear all of it.

Now booking mid 2019 and 2020
Elopements start at USD2500
Intimate weddings start at USD3500
Engagements start at USD750

Email me at or use the contact form below :)

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