I’ve got a big love for experiencing an adventure.
When everybody goes left - go right.
When people say “Girl, you can’t live in Africa” - I go. And I stay.
care about adventure, I care about nature. And, I care about you.
It matters to me that we
experience a place together.
When you look at your photographs, I want you to remember the
feelings, the cold, the wind and the rain.
The laughs and the tears.
That is what a real documentary will give you. It makes you feel and relive things.
I have been a published documentary maker since 2013.
It’s what I do. It’s what I love. It’s what I care about.
I only take on ten elopements / intimate weddings per year,
because I want to give every single couple, every adventure, a massive piece of who I am.
If you care about adventures, experiences and beautiful stories too - let’s do it!


About Who I am

So, as you might have gathered already - I’m a Dutch photographer of people in love, currently living in the South African bush. I live here together with my partner AJ and our two dog-children. Australian Shepherd called Kiwi (I know, he’s the biggest believer in world-peace) and our Jack Russel called Sweep, which means ‘Whip’ in Afrikaans (totally AJ’s idea, but the poor dog wears the name with pride). I’m an old soul with, according to some, a dry sense of humor who loves sitting around a fire with friends. Tell me all your stories, play me all your music. Grape and avocado-addict at heart, hooked on my mum’s cheese-fondue & tomato soup and I will forever drag my loved ones to this one Mexican restaurant whenever I’m at ‘The Mothership’ in the Dutch countryside.

The outdoors is and always will be my first love. Fresh air, freedom and dreams without limits.
Going on adventures, photographing intimate destination weddings, elopements and love in general is what makes me tick. Mountain peaks, rough coastlines or African savannah plains where the big herds roam – I will never be able to decide between either of them.

Because of that, I travel often. As much as possible. All the time. To go where love goes. To meet you and your love, in places that will be engraved into your soul and memory forever. Experience a place together. Whether it’s a new destination you always wanted to go to, or maybe your favourite place on earth that carries a special meaning and deep feelings. No posing, life is not a prom-dance nor a dress rehearsal. It’s raw, it’s beautiful, it’s intense, it’s here. I’ll capture you, I’ll capture everything. While you crack up when he pulls his most awkward face, when she smiles at you but you never know what she’s up to next. That moment when he tries to keep the hair out of your eyes while you read your vows to him in the pouring rain. That. You.

Years of making documentaries for magazines as a journalist and photographer has taught me how to capture the essence of an experience. The essence of someone’s story, or a place - or, ideally… everything all at once.

I’m in love with the wild, the badass with the big hearts who love unconditionally.
Let me run and explore with you, I’ll bring cameras.
Hope to meet you soon!

Lotty x [ aka Lot, Lots or Lotje (Hi Mum & Dad, I see you) ]