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Morocco Inspired Elopement

While I was a documentary maker for magazines, I got sent to Morocco and Qatar in 2013. I was writing and photographing a story about desert races, on horses. That’s where the love for the vast endlessness that a desert is, gripped me. The massive sand dunes, too huge to even comprehend how big they really are. Making you feel small, like icebergs do, in a good way. So imagine my excitement when I got to capture Danielle and Noah’s love.

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Anniversary session in Big Sur, California

In August 2018, I drove the California Coast. Alone. A solo roadtrip. Seeing the Big Sur coast, was something else. It was exactly as I hoped it would be. It turned out I was dang lucky, as Highway 1 had just opened again, after being closed for a long time due to massive mudslides.
It was over there, in Big Sur, where I met David and Callie. Adventurous, outgoing and with a wicked sense of humor. They took their Cotopaxi sleeping bags to the windy, rainy beach and snuggled up. ‘This is us’, is what she said.

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